SOLD: Black Orchid Crowtail Betta Pair

PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION – USE THE ARROW BUTTON ON THE RIGHT TO SCROLL DOWN!! Healthy and active male with nice colour – out to impress the girl! Imported from Champion breeders in Thailand. Offered for sale AU. Fish are in AUSTRALIA. No import or quarantine fees apply. Contact for shipping information and costs. Many other bettas, guppies and apistogrammas in stock. Please ask. Fish can be viewed at Fishchick Aquatics Shop 17 Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road Annerley QLD 4013 ph: 07 3848 9585 ****Please note****Australian Purchasers only – we CANNOT ship overseas. Shipping can be arranged to all states except TAS. Please provide your postcode AND suburb when asking for costs. HOLDING RULES: We will place a fish on hold for you for 5 days only. There is a AU per fish holding deposit. This must be paid IMMEDIATELY or the fish will not be put aside for you. If you purchase the fish this money will be applied to the purchase price. If you do not finalise the sale in 5 days the deposit is forfeit. If you telephone to put a fish on hold, immediately follow up with an email and proof of payment. Disclaimer: Fish are sold as is. Be aware that aquarium lights, the camera colour capture and computers may cause the colours seen to be slightly different to real life – especially of metallic and reflective colours We are not responsible for fish that will not breed for you, nor make a bubble nest, will not flare, will not eat for you

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