Fluval edge nano reef w/lighting mods

4 month old fluval edge nano reef w/ 13w CF lighting mod. Here are the specs of the tank. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Lights: 2 13w CF. I-50/50 , 1 actinic 03 Filter: stock. Removed bio bag and sponge. Use carbon and filter floss Heater: tetra 25w mini heater. Not sure what the exact model is called. It’s short and I keep it inside the filter. Air pump: korilla nano 240 Livestock: -4-5 lbs live rock -emerald crab -skunk cleaner shrimp -peppermint shrimp -red cortez hermit crab -2 astrea snails -2 nassarius snails -osc. Clownfish -yellow watchman goby -orchid dottyback Corals: -button polyps -red mushroom -green/gold mushrooms -hammer coral
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This editing is made just for fun… I made this video with iMovie just to test it… anyway i hope you like it. ^_^ Movie Trailers I used… Whip It Spread Taxidermia Easy Virtue Bandslam Brothers Bloom Boat That Rocked/Pirate Radio Funny People Jennifers Body Amelia Bright Star Time Travelers Wife Soloist 2012 An Education Phoebe In Wonderland Road Where the Wild Things Are Twilight Saga: New Moon Drag Me To Hell Fame 500 Days of Summer Surviving Crooked Lake Sorority Row Perfect Getaway
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