Ideas for Wedding Orchids

Although June weddings are out, there is really nothing we can do to stop people from getting married. One of the bride’s headaches and ultimately the grooms’ is the choice of flowers. One of the most popular choices in flowers for weddings is none other than the Orchid.

Orchids come in different varieties depending on where it grows, from the tropics, wet lowlands to colder mountains. It is a native from the Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Cultivating them is no easy feat, many horticulturists already tried and were surprised to see them wilted, as they require great attention and maintenance. It symbolizes wealth and a high social status.

Orchids are one of the favorites for wedding flowers not only for its elegance and beauty but also for its high resistibility from wilting. Imagine a four-hour wedding, who wouldn’t wilt after all those stressful yet fun activities. The Singapore orchid with the scientific name, Dendrobium, is one of the wedding favorites; they usually come in purples and whites which matches any wedding motif perfectly. These flowers can be used for any decorative means; it will look stunning as a centerpiece at the reception, flower arrangements along the aisle, a buttoner for the groom, corsages for the bridesmaids or even a great accent as the bride’s headdress instead of the usual tiaras. Lastly, it will look absolutely gorgeous as the bouquet, although it is traditional to throw the bouquet for the next bride, the actual bride may even hold onto it long after the wedding is over!

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