Orchid care and selection

Phal orchids are also known as “Moth Orchids” as its’ flowers resemble the shape of a moth or butterfly. Some people view them as being difficult to grow, but in fact they are one of the easiest. In the past, orchid growers would have produced specially grown flowers for the florist trade or collector.These flowers range in size from 2″ to almost 5″ in diameter.

Orchids are known for their exotic, colorful blooms, intoxicating fragrances, and many varieties. There are more than twenty thousand species, and they can be found growing on every continent in the world aside from Antarctica, which means that you will be able to find at least one that will be perfect for your wedding day. These flowers used to be extremely rare, and consequently extraordinarily expensive.

Choosing orchid pots requires some consideration. Beside the obvious small orchid, small pot big orchid, big pot situation, there are a few other things to think about.Pots can be either clay or plastic. Your choice will depend on your orchid type and its watering needs.Clay pots are porous they breathe. The growing medium inside, dries out uniformly. Orchids with less water requirements, like cattleyas, do well in this kind of pot. Plastic pots, being non-porous provide less ventilation for the orchid roots. The growing medium inside plastic pots dries out more slowly, and from the top down. Both types of pots can have a number of holes on the sides for enhanced ventilation. Orchids have needs just the same as any other house plant. This includes the amount of light, water and nutrition it receives. Of these, the amount of light an orchid gets is probably the most important. It varies from species to species, but as orchids hail from the tropical regions of earth, they will in most cases require a good amount of diffused light every day.Because the orchid is acclimatized to a lush environment that has consistent patterns of sun and shade, the best position in your home for an orchid is in a window that faces east.

Although there are many, many different species and hybrids of orchids, there are actually only two different orchid types. One type of orchid is the terrestrial orchids which are species that grow on the ground. And the other orchid type is the epiphytes orchids which grow in trees or rocks. Terrestrial orchids are some of the most popular kind. Although terrestrial orchid types have roots that grow beneath the surface of the soil just like most other kinds of plants, some terrestrial orchids are semi-terrestrial. Any plant whose root system grows above ground is an epiphyte plant. The most well known orchid type of the epiphyte variety are Dendrobiums. Despite the fact that they don’t produce flowers as easily or as regularly as Cymbidiums and need a bit more care, they are still easy to grow.

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