Orchids – Floral beauty

The orchid Orchidaceae, or the Orchid family is the second largest family among the flowering plants. There may be about 25,000+ species and also 100,000 plus varieties in the orchid family. Phalaenopsis or the Phal orchid is one of the most popular orchids in the trade and it gains its near monopoly through the development of many artificial hybrids through new biotechnical methods.

The wedding Orchid flowers have the capability of adding a sense of beauty for any sort of occasion. Orchids are mostly chosen because of their wide color range, form and fragrance. Most of the orchids stand for elegance and extraordinary beauty. Mainly three types of orchid are seen, viz.the phalaenopsis, the dendrobium and the cattleya.

Choosing a pot for the orchid culture mainly depends on the potting medium used, watering methods adopted, fertilizing and location and all these factors have an impact on the success of your orchid culture. Most commonly used orchid pots are either made from plastic or terracotta clay.

The typical orchid types are Moth Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, Slipper Orchids and Boat orchids. Moth Orchids are the common variety also known by the name Phalaenopsis orchids. These are epiphytes that grow on trees in a moist environment. Even though the moth orchids bloom only once or twice a year, their flowers can last for about two to three months. Dendrobium Orchids are another variety that can be cultured at home and popularly known by the name Thai restaurant orchids. They grew as epiphytes and lithophytes and are commonly found in many Asian countries. Slipper orchids are well known for its strange appearance. They have a pouch shaped lip. Boat orchids are well known for its big showy as well as long lasting flowers.

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