Wedding Orchids are colorful flowers

Wedding orchid Flowers are colorful flowers. Orchids used to be a sign of wealth and social status. This is because it was so expensive to grow the flowers in this country. You can now import foreign orchids so do not need to be a millionaire to have a wedding that looks like a million dollars. With their colorful and exotic flower, wedding orchids are a popular favorite among brides.

Among wedding orchids, Cymbidium flowers most in front stage. There are varieties of orchids that are used at weddings. One of the most popular is the Cymbidium orchid. These beautiful flowers have large heads, and there are yellow, white, pink, green and light green varieties. They have strong wax petals, which are more resistant to drying of other flowers. This can be important if you have a wired bridal bouquet and the fear that can drain a hot summer day.

Cut some flower heads and place them on tables at a reception, to make a quick table decoration, natural and colorful. Another effective way to get appreciation is when the flower heads are simply floating on a pot of water. Another Wedding Flower orchid commonly used is Dendrobium. This is a delicate flower and common colors are white and purple. They work well in wreaths and center pieces on a wedding table. Vanda orchids, one variety that particularly looks beautiful with a purple and white checkered look. Phalaenopsis orchids can also be included in the bridal bouquet and look unusual as well as attractive. However, these flowers are definitely a touch of exclusivity about them. Just be prepared for a lot of people come to you on the wedding day and say, “What beautiful flowers you have in your bouquet?”

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