Orchid, masterpiece among flowers

Orchids are the most beautiful among flowering plants. They represent the monocotyledons with around 600-800 genera. There are different types of orchids based on the development of vegetative parts for eg. epiphytes, saprophytes, leafless etc. Mainly there are two types terrestrial, epiphytes. Terrestrial ones grown on ground and also trees and rocks. Among epiphytes, dendrobiums are the best known. These require more care compared to other flowers. Orchids are the largest botanical family of higher plants in Asia.

Among the different orchids, phal orchid are the most popular potted plants. ¬†These plants get their nickname ‘Moth orchids’ from their resemblance to tropical moths. Orchids require tropical humid condition and low light for their growth. Different orchids have different lights, water requirement. Depending on the species some require shade and others require plenty of sunlight.

Orchids are used in weddings to add beauty to the occasion. Cymbidium orchids are famous as wedding flowers. They have robust waxy petals which are more resistant to moisture. These orchids are very expensive and used for different ceremonies.

Orchid pots are available in different shapes and materials. These are available in plastic, wood, clay, and orchid baskets are also available. The plastic used is recyclable.

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