Orchids- A delight to see

Orchids are highly evolved monocotyledons present in the flora. It is classified in the Order Asparagales. All orchids are perennial herbs and are classified into two groups depending upon its growth pattern ie monopodial and sympodial. Monopodial orchids exhibit growth towards upward from a single stem whereas in sympodial orchids have adjacent shoots from the main stem. After understanding it’s easy to cultivate orchids.

Orchids can thrive anywhere provided climatic conditions and cultivating methods are adequate. Indirect sunlight is suitable for the growth of most orchids. According to it’s living habitats orchids are generally classified into three types. They are the epiphyte orchids, terrestrial orchids and the lithophyte orchids. Epiphyte orchids live on trees and absorb nutrients from moist air and also collect it from the debris on the host. Eg Pansy orchids, Scarlet orchids. Terrestrial orchids grow on ground surface. Lithophyte orchids grow on rocky surface and it obtains nutrients in the same way as the epiphyte orchid. Choosing correct surroundings for the growth of orchids is very important.

Selection of appropriate orchid pots is most important. Plastic, terracotta and clay pots are popularly used. The available size and materials are taken into consideration for each orchid. If its growing indoors at most care should be taken for light. Adequate amount of orchid light is very important for its growth and flowering. Orchids need shade as well as sunlight. Phal orchid are one of the most popular orchids in the business. It belongs to the south east asian region. It stands ahead in the sales report of potted orchids. Phal orchids require high humidity for its growth. Orchids are the favorite for wedding purposes. These exotic flowers add beauty to the occasion. Orchids can offer wide range of colors from vibrant to pale. Wedding bouquets of orchid grace the ambiance.

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