Orchid pots – the proper pot makes a difference

If you want to be a successful orchid keeper, you need to keep two schools of thought in mind. First of all, leave your orchids alone; then use a hands-on approach when it comes time to repot your orchid.

It doesn’t really matter which situation you find yourself in, the fact is that you are going to need the right sort of orchid pots.

The pots made for orchids are not like the ordinary terracotta pots usually used for household plants. It so happens that some orchid mediums are potted in what looks like dirt. The orchid still needs a proper pot if it is to thrive. Since orchids are in a great need for drainage, they need the kinds of pots that are specifically made for orchids to grow in.

If you are bound and determined to have your orchid in a terracotta pot, you may place the orchid pot inside it. But if you take this route, you need to consider the necessity for proper ventilation once your orchid pot is inside another which is merely used for decorative purposes. So if you place your orchid with its pot in some decorative pot, you need to make sure that the roots care proper airflow to keep them healthy.

You must also make sure that the decorative pot has adequate drainage. What you are especially urged to avoid is any standing water in the bottom of the decorative pot.

There are basically two designs for orchid pots. The first of this is really rather like a regular plant pot, but it has a lot more chance for additional drainage in its bottom. This is especially important for the kinds of orchids that grow in a medium that looks like dirt. Another type of orchid pot is kind of like a basket. Since orchids are frequently planted in a medium that has rather large pieces of wood in it, the type of pot that’s make like a basket is the best kind for this kind of orchid medium.

It is the root system that is crucial for keeping orchids and for making sure that they remain healthy. A lot of people want to use plastic pots these days because it allows them to actually view the roots without lifting the orchids out of their pots to see them. Keep in mind, too, that the basket type orchid pots have large holes in them, which also makes it possible to easily inspect the roots. In any case, since ordinary terracotta pots have their holes in the bottom, a clear plastic pot had obvious benefits to go with it.

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