Wedding Orchids

Wedding bouquet with roses and orchids

Wedding bouquet with roses and orchids

Orchids are a popular wedding flower with many brides.  Orchids are often considered a flower reserved for the rich and famous, but this is no longer the case.  Wedding orchids can be chosen in so many different colors that matching the bride’s maids dresses should be no problem.  A common type of orchid used for weddings is the cymbidium orchid which has a large flower to be visually striking and comes in a variety of colors.  And an added benefit of using cymbidium as a wedding orchid is that they are very wilt resistant, which can be needed on a hot summer day.

The brides bouquet is one way orchids can be used at a wedding, but it doesn’t need to be the only way.  Since the bouquet will be carried close to the brides nose an orchid for the wedding should be selected that does not have a strong fragrance or at least one that is pleasing to the bride, although wedding guest may also be a consideration.

Wedding orchids can be used to decorate the church and reception hall.  At the reception orchid heads can be cut an placed on the reception tables to add a quick splash of color and flare to the decorations.  Another way to decorate with wedding orchids would be to float the heads in a large ornate bowl of water.  Orchids with long stems can also be used in a centerpiece in a vase.

Many flowers have symbolic meanings:

  • Roses = love
  • Lilacs and daisies = innocence
  • Blue hydrangeas = loyalty and friendship
  • Orchids = beauty

Who would not want any one of these flowers at their wedding, but especially the orchid.  Isn’t it fitting for the beautiful bride to be carrying a beautiful bouquet of orchids at her wedding.  Not only can it represent the beauty of the bride but it can also represent the beauty of the union and marriage and the couples life together.

As mentioned earlier, many orchids are wilt resistant so will stand up to a hot summer day wedding.  There are other practical reasons that orchids my be considered as a wedding flower.  They are a rugged flower and are resistant to moisture loss and heat.  Orchids are sensitive to cold, but can withstand most shipping conditions if they need to be shipped in.  Depending on the variety of orchid they would be available year round.  If orchids are going to incorporated into many aspects of the wedding another benefit is that they can be bought in bulk.  It may be possible to go straight to the grower and cut some costs by reducing the number of middle men. When finding the best arrangements for your wedding, you should look at flowers online to find the right variety and colors for you.

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